Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How far are we talking?

The question I have been getting asked most often is "What's the farthest stop?" This is usually followed closely by "I bet it's Franconia-Springfield." That's actually correct...although I can't tell if that guess is coming from my friends' prejudice against Virginia or a general lack of knowledge about where all the other stops are... At any rate, I've been to the Franconia stop before, and it takes FOREVER to get down there from my little place in Cleveland Park.

For the sake of illustration, here (in map form) are the distances to the Cleveland Park metro station from all of the other stations. (For what should be obvious, personal safety-related reasons, I am using CP station as my "home" as far as the internet is concerned). I'll put this up somewhere on the blog eventually, and use it like a little checklist of where I've been.


  1. Lady, may I just commend you on your gorgeous MS Paint header up there? Oh, and how awesome this idea is. POWER TO THE KDAWG!!


  2. Shouts out to my bro, who did the header. He's a whiz with the ole ms paint. And I'm glad you like the idea!